Adult & Higher Education Division

The Peter Symonds College Adult and Higher Education Division (AHED) offers opportunities to study a wide range of qualifications.

AHED Web Design

This project aimed to explore possible new web design directions for the AHED website. The design that I created aimed to freshen up the site and provide:

An engaging, easy to navigate experience to inspire students to explore the website

A responsive display across desktop, tablet and mobile devices

An updated look with the latest college branding

Possible design system for the AHED website
Adult education landing page mock up

AHED Lobby Screen

The Problem

When students enter the lobby of the Peter Symonds College Adult and Higher Education Division (AHED), they were often confused as to where to go for their lessons.

The Solution

I designed and created a display for a large screen in reception. This display guides students to appropriate rooms when the arrive for their course.

The display refreshes every few minutes, pulling timetable information from the college database.

Adult education lobby screen

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