Learning Resources Centre

The Brief

The previous Peter Symonds College (PSC) Learning Resource Centre (LRC) Intranet website allowed staff to promote some resources to students but had a number of problems:

The website looked tired and old. It was not engaging to students and was in need of redesign.

Originally built for desktop only and not displaying adequately on tablet and mobile devices, difficult for students and staff to use (giving users a poor user experience (UX))

Difficult to administer by LRC staff

Built using out of date PHP code

Did not have the latest college branding and PSC Intranet ‘look and feel’

The Solution

The website that I designed and built for PSC included a full rewrite of the resource organisation and promotion facilities.

Created an engaging, easy to navigate experience to inspire students to explore the LRC (both online and in person)

Included easy to use subject guides

Included a ‘free room’ finder and room booking service

Fully responsive and displaying properly across desktop, tablet and mobile devices

Included custom content management system (CMS) so that staff can administer the site themselves

Built using the latest version of Symfony (a modern PHP framework) for seamless integration with other Peter Symonds College websites

Featured all the latest PSC branding and PSC Intranet ‘look and feel’

Initial Sketches

Sketch of web page layout

Design Mock-Ups in Adobe XD

Three LRC redesigns

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